May 13, 2014


When you hire me as a copywriter you have the advantage of
working with someone not only familiar with the latest digital
sales channels – but also with more than 30 years’ experience
of direct response marketing.

Online copywriting is all about applying and adapting the
long-standing principles of direct response to new digital media
and the new marketing approaches they open up. My first online
work was as long ago as 1997.

Client-side experience

Before setting up AppleDragon in 1991, I learned the business
on the client-side, in marketing roles with publishers such as
Stonehart Publications – 1980s masters of long copy – EMAP
and Haymarket.

That means I’m well aware of the issues clients’ face on a daily basis.
Something you’ll see reflected in the work you receive from me.
I know what it’s like to manage budgets and schedules, launch
new services and chase ambitious targets.

Wide sector knowledge

Since 1991 I’ve worked as a freelance copywriterand marketing
consultant, working for clients in a range of sectors:

Consumer and business publishing, conferences & training,
market research, financial services, and the travel industry,
as well as the independent schools sector.

This wide experience has given me a very clear insight into what
works and what doesn’t: when to be innovative and when it’s better
to follow tried and tested routes.

Above all, it’s given me the knack of putting myself into the heads
of every kind of target audience.

Trusted by clients

As a result, I’ve had a number of long-term clients who come to me
time and again as a safe pair of hands.

Legal publisher Sweet & Maxwell has trusted me with projects for
more than 15 years while I wrote for the Economist Intelligence
Unit for 5 years. The direct response agency Richardson Pailin & Fallows
often called me in on projects.

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and have
a degree from Cambridge University.

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